Repair or Upgrade?


Slow Computer

Over time, if left to its own devices, your computer will tend to slow down until it becomes noticeable.  Programs will take longer to open, as will internet pages.  Regular maintenance - disk cleanup and defragmenting (both tools come with your computer)  will take care of this to some degree. I  can show you how to do this if you don't know.


Cleaning Up Viruses and Malware

Slowness can also be caused by Malware, viruses etc.  You should have a completely up-to-date Antivirus / Firewall program running on your computer whenever you have an internet connection.  Have it configured to perform scheduled scans.  If, even after scanning with your up-to-date Antivirus, you still suspect you are infected - I can fix this too.

Upgrades can cost less than $120

If your computer is more than 4 years old and seems a lot slower, the cause could be that the software that was around when you bought it needed less from your computer than the software these days.  It is often fairly inexpensive to modernize your computer to handle current software.  For instance, I've provided RAM memory upgrades , which cost less than $120.  Each situation is different of course and I can diagnose your computer and quote for such an upgrade.

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