Can I afford it?



Computers have taken on a greater importance in our lives for keeping in contact via e-mail and social networks like Facebook, MSN,  Skype, Myspace, etc.  We also need them for our work and for entertainment.

These are 3 very important parts of our lives.  When you're dealing with a machine that opens the door to these aspects of every day life, the last thing you want is to get frustrated and annoyed.  You want the computing process to be as smooth as possible. This is where I can help.


Repairing your PC is cheaper and easier than you think!

 Examples of recent repairs and costs**.

  • I recently worked on a laptop for a client who complained that it had become slower and slower to the point where it took minutes to startup and programs took forever to load.  My client was worried that because the Antivirus had not been renewed it must have a virus.  As it turned out the laptop merely needed a good cleanup. The total cost was $90.
  • Another job was also a laptop which was very slow but it was only a few months old and my client was ready to throw it out the window. This time it was because the unit had been shipped with barely enough memory to cope with the basic operations, let alone additional programs needed for their work.  I installed more memory and the laptop is now zipping right along. The total cost was $80 including parts. 

  • I worked on a desktop PC which, coincidentally enough, was also running very slowly but this time had the telltale signs of a full infection of malware - it was a TDSSserv Rootkit. Nasty. After struggling with it for a while we agreed the best solution was to reformat the Hard Drive and reinstall Windows XP and all the programs and data.  The total cost was $140 for a fresh, clean computer.
** Provided only as examples - each situation is different and costs can vary from above.
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